Top 6 Apps That Help Earn More Money From Your Car

Still contemplation about ways to get in some extra cash? Tired of all those extra charges for your car? Gas prices too high to afford?

There is a solution, and it is an easy one. In this unstable economy where cash is the only important thing to sustain you, there is also a surge of alternative methods of earning money and that too in a prominent way.

So here are the ways to turn your car into a money machine.


By now everyone must be aware of this app. Life in a busy city is tough without this app. Just like that, Uber will also give any licensed driver above the age of 21 to do part time carpooling. Timings are flexible, and the pay can be up to 22$ per hour. But you must have a 4-door vehicle with an updated insurance policy. Other amenities which come with this job are discounts on car maintenance and your mobile bills.


This is very similar to what Uber does. The applicant must be 21+ with a minimum experience of 1 year. The pay can be cashed in immediately, and the extra tip is yours to keep. They also offer flexible working hours where you can also work especially during the peak hours or “hot spots.” On an average, you could earn around 12$/ride.


This service is exclusively made for transporting children. Applicant must be above 23 and must have at least five years of prior experience in child care services. The car should have updated stats, and the driver will have to go through a 15 step verification process. You can accept or decline rides accordingly. On an average, a trip will give you around 30$. Your insurance will also be covered during your working hours.


UberEats has the same criteria as of Uber. Instead of passengers, you will have to deliver food. The driver will have to pass an initial screening and a driving test, before getting this job. On an average, you can earn      around 10-20$ each day depending on the time and location.


This is another food delivery service, but it only caters to the business which cannot afford to run out and get the food. The applicant must be 18 or above and must have an updated insurance with a clean driving record. The vehicle can be a four wheeler or a two wheeler. On an average, it pays around 5$ per trip and the tip is yours to keep.

Get Around

This is a renting service which allows the car owner to rent their car. The payment is made monthly, and on an average, you get around 6000$ per year. Drivers are fully covered by the insurance policy during their working hours. The owner will have to pay a small fee of 99$ before starting out and 20$ a month for getting listed. Renters must have a valid identity proof with a clean car record.