Drive And Get Paid! How’s That?

At first one might perceive this as a practical joke, but there is a way of actually getting paid for just driving your car around the town. Yes! There are benefits of being a supremely talented driver for it provides you crazy opportunities to make money without really documenting your academic achievements.

Here’s what you can do:

Car Wrapping And What Is That?

These days there are  plenty of such campaigns where similar services are required so if you are good at driving you may earn a few bucks without doing much.  Those who are hired for the “paid to drive” programs do not do anything special. Except that the car is dressed up like a giant advertising board. The technique is called “auto wrap” where a vinyl decal is used to paint the vehicle exterior. The car owners who are now a part of the ad campaign will get a compensation of around 100 to 200 dollars per month.

How Does It Work?

According to most experts, humans or children are attracted to anything which is shiny. Same goes for this scheme. A car with lots of pictures on it is bound to stand out among the other cars. And the attention received is not dismissible. The mere presence of this type of car will hike up the interest of other car owners or fellow pedestrians crossing the road. The psychology associated with this kind of ad campaigns is extremely innovative and is a win-win situation for both the agency and the car owner.

You Must Know Your Streets

The locations for each genre of the ad will vary as it needs to pique the intrigue amongst the masses. The marketer might make you go into places where a particular ad is applicable for the demographic of that area. For this, you must know the best way to navigate and must be really fluent in your navigation. For example, the location around a college will be perfect for the ad of any electronic manufacturing company since the traction will be higher near any college campus or its surrounding places.

Job Eligibility

  • Anybody who is above 18 years of age and must have a relevant driver’s license
  • A very smooth and clean driver history
  • Minimum 800 miles need to be covered each month
  • GPS must be installed to keep track of the mileage record.
  • A legal agreement
  • Damages and other liabilities are to be handled by the hired person
  • The contractual obligations state that as long the contract is valid, the ad will stay on the car.

Beware Of Scammers

Many websites have scammers ready to cash in money asking for databases. As for databases, the marketing campaign is short and precise and needs no data bank. All they need is a targeted reach at the end of each month. The advertisers if asking for money are probably scammers. Do not agree or get in a deal with such advertisers.

Some trusted companies are

  • Carvertise
  • AdWraps
  • FreeCarMedia
  • Ads2Go
  • Carwraps (Canada)
  • Aretedi
  • AdsToGo (Canada)

Conclusion On Getting Registered

There are various trusted sites where you can get yourself registered. Do follow the tips given above. And always be aware of scammers. These trusted agencies have a pool of clients, and the pay is guaranteed too. Start off with a swirling trail of green bills just so you can drive!